Rally classes

Upcoming Classes

RALLY – Rally classes are held Thursday and Friday at our training centre.  Dogs must have basic obedience before registering for a Rally-O class. Rally is a timed event where a handler and dog complete obedience exercises dictated by signs outlined in a course. There are four levels in Rally- Novice, Advanced,  Excellent and Masters. Classes are very popular so register early.

SKOC Obedience and Rally Classes are on summer hiatus and will continue in September after our Show & Trials are completed.  Please stay tuned to announcements of future classes on FB or on the Website.

Novice to Advanced Friday Evenings Novice starts at 6:30 pm. Intermediate and Advanced will start at 7:45

The SKOC will serve its membership and the community at large by giving support, understanding, help and guidance in all their canine-related endeavors.