Rally classes

Due to Covid19, Rally Classes are on hiatus. Classes may return in February. Please watch our FB page

or contact cam.mcphee@rangersfan.com or 306 290 7656

RALLY OBEDIENCE dogs must be able to heel on leash, therefore at least one Beginner Obedience class,  no aggression issues and not younger than eight months.

There are four classes of Rally offered for instruction :

Novice / Advanced (Intermediate) \  Excellent \ Masters.

Classes are very popular so register early.

Masks are required.

8 weeks for $160.00

Lots of new signs to learn for 2021.

Contact for Information cam.mcphee@rangersfan.com or 306 290 7656

The SKOC will serve its membership and the community at large by giving support, understanding, help and guidance in all their canine-related endeavors.