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2022 SKOC Member Achievements



Aoife with her HIT Rosette and High Scoring SKOC Rosettes,
as well as her many other achievements this past year.
Aoife and Shelly ended the 2021 year by finishing their CD, CDI, RM, RAE, CGN, a few conformation points plus titles in other venues. Tweed completed his PCD, RI and 2 Qs towards his RA plus new title in other venue.
SKOC Obedience Trials/Feb 2021 – SKOC member, Shelly Campbell and Aoife qualified in Novice Obedience with a High In Trial and High Scoring SKOC member in Trial #1. Not to be outdone in the family, Ribbon and Mark Antonini Qualified in Novice Intermediate twice with one High Scoring SKOC Member in Trial & HIC in Trial #2 and HIC in Trial #3. Tweed and Mark received 3 Qualifying runs to obtain his PCD Title

Jerri Mcphee & Si qualified with a High Scoring SKOC Member in Trial #3 of the SKOC February Obedience Trials and finished their Companion Dog Excellent Title (CDX). On to Utility !!



Aoife aka Manitou Radiant Featherz WCX JH PCD RA SDIN and member Shelly Campbell had a great 2020 year despite Covid19 and limited Shows & Trials Along with a great year in retriever field events, Aoife managed to complete her CKC Rally Novice, Rally Intermediate, Rally Advanced Titles and a CKC Scent Detection Instinct Title.

2020 SKOC Rally Trial Qualifying Members


2019 Members Achievements

GCh Borealis Donayne Lonsestar CD RN Completed RN Title with a Perfect Score in last Q. Owner/Handler Susan Mogenson
Aoife RN Q HIC with Owner/Handler Shelly Campbell


mHIT Ch MOTCh Kelticfox Show Me The Ring WCX SH RE
aka Ribbon
first SKOC member’s dog to receive the MOTCh owned/trained/handled Shelly Campbell

2019 SKOC Dog Show – Jamie – HIC Rally Excellent- 2x Highest Scoring Sheltie in Class- for HIC – owned and handled by Cathy McLean

From the August 2017 Show:

Commemorative Rosettes were awarded in honour of past SKOC members : Joan Wiik, Elsie Gilchrist and Sherry Hudson, who gave a lot of their hearts to our club and left us in 2017.
Family and friends assisted in presenting the awards with the judges from Saturday’s Shows and Trials. Joan’s daughters – Terry, Laurie and long time friend, Pat Ristau; Elsie’s daughter Dawn and niece Ann; Sherry’s father, Bob, and her children, Heather and Travis.
Best in Show: Judy Byers and “Casey” (Flat-Coated Retriever)
High Scoring SKOC Member in Obedience: Leigh Michel and “Penny” (Irish Setter)
High Scoring SKOC Member in Rally Obedience: Heather Bradshaw and “Guinness” (Border Collie)

From the 2016 Show

– Susan & Lonestar (Shetland Sheepdog)
“GCH Borealis Donayne Lonestar PCD CD earned his CD title at a dog show held in May 2016, finishing with two High in Classes!”
Heather & Guiness (Border Collie)
“Bluecalebs Gillie Calum HIC, PCD, earned his Companion Dog title with three High in Class, Aug 28th, 2016
“Ch. Bluecalebs the Force Awakens earned her Can. Championship in March 2016.”
Shelly & Ribbon (Nova Scotia Duck Toller)
“Ribbon received her OTCh (Obedience Trial Championship) at the trials in February and has since passed her first double class Qualifier and received her first master points (7 out of 40 needed) towards her Master Obedience Trial Championship. Ribbon is now “OTCH CH Kelticfox Show Me The Ring JH WC RA”
– Cliff & Pepper (Shiloh Shepherd)2015
“Pepper and I got a prefect score of 100/100 on our last Rally Advanced trial.  We got a 99 on the trail just before that.  We got high in class on both runs and there was a lot of others competing as well.  Both runs were on the April Rally Trials held by SKOC, where we got our RA title. I owe this result to Cam and Jerri’s Rally classes.  I knew close to nothing about rally before taking the classes starting back in Oct 2015.  I barely made it through the novice level and certainly would not have made it without the advice Cam gave me during the pre trial mat time during the April 2015 trails.  This is the reason why my wife and I had joined the club.”

The SKOC will serve its membership and the community at large by giving support, understanding, help and guidance in all their canine-related endeavors.