SKOC has ongoing classes running from September to May each year.
Our instructors are club members who volunteer to teach the various levels: Baby Puppy, Beginners, Novice, Open and Utility.
We recommend that you contact the instructor for each class to discuss the equipment that you will need, the exercises that will be taught and the method of instruction. Costs of the class vary according to the length of the course.

BABY PUPPY – An introduction for the new puppy and owner. The class focuses on reinforcement using praise, treats or toys. The exercises include attention work, examination by a stranger, stand, down, sit, recalls, targets, and walking on a leash. Puppies must be at least 12 weeks of age, and have had two sets of vaccinations.
BEGINNER – a class for dogs with limited obedience skills. The exercises taught are those required for a Pre-Novice routine, determined by the Canadian Kennel Club guidelines. All training is done on leash and includes basic Heeling, Sit for Examination, Sit and Down Stays, and Recalls. Dogs are aged 6 months and older and must be completely vaccinated.



NOVICE –  dogs must have had at least 2 Beginner classes, be well focused and able to heel on leash around other dogs and people, with no aggression issues, and be 1 year of age or if slightly younger, handled by an experienced handler that has put Novice obedience titles on other dogs.
OPEN – is for dogs and trainers who want to learn the exercises needed for a C.D.X. (C.K.C. Companion Dog Excellent title). All exercises are performed off leash and include: Heeling, Figure 8’s, Retrieving on the Flat and over Jumps, the Broad Jump, Change of Positions, Sit and Down Stays with the handlers out of sight.
Ribbon owned by SKOC member Shelly Campbell
UTILITY – for dogs and handlers who are training at the highest obedience level recognised by the C.K.C. Exercises include: Scent Work, Glove Retrieve, Hand Signals, Moving Stand, and Directed Jumping.

della and maggie skoc


In the case of inclement weather, class cancellations will be announced  on our Facebook page.

The SKOC will serve its membership and the community at large by giving support, understanding, help and guidance in all their canine-related endeavors.