SKOC is only accepting a maximum of eight (8) participants in each class and is therefore unable to offer refunds should participants decide to withdraw after first class and spot cannot be filled.

Due to extremely long waiting lists in the past and different classes being offered in different quarterly sessions, names will not be kept on waiting lists, except for cancellation in a session.

PUPPY – For Puppies 12 weeks to under six months.  Two sets of vaccinations are required.
An introduction to basic obedience for the new puppy and owner.  The class focuses on reinforcement using praise, treats or toys in a safe socially-controlled environment. Instructors will help you teach your puppy to focus on you, heeling on leash, greeting stranger, manners going in/out the door or taking a treat.   We will also teach stand, down and sit which is important for grooming, vet visits and is also a great introduction into basic obedience required for home or performance venues.  Puppies must have two sets of vaccinations.   Class will be SIX in duration. 
January 18th – Classes are FULL
BEGINNER – Six Months and Over.  A class for dogs with limited obedience skills. The exercises taught are those required for a Pre-Novice Level determined by the Canadian Kennel Club guidelines. All training is done on leash and includes basic Heeling, Sit for Examination, Recalls and Sit/Down Stays.   Up-to-date dog Vaccinations are required.  Classes is usually EIGHT Weeks in duration. 
January Classes are FULL
Contact is
PERFORMANCE SKILLS &/or NOVICE OBEDIENCE  this class is targeted at dogs and handlers who will participate in CKC Competitive Obedience and/or Rally Obedience in future.  Basic Obedience – puppy or beginner class – is required.   Instructor(s) will work with dogs who are honing their skills for trials in Obedience (PCD & CD titles) and basic skills that are required for Obedience and Rally – examples are Fronts, Finishes, Power Starts for Heeling, Sit/Stand Examinations, Sit and Down Stays, Informal and Formal Recalls, fine tuning handling skills and basic heeling around cones, objects and focus working around others.  Up-to-Date Vaccinations are required.   This class runs for approximately SIX weeks (depends on time frame for instructors) but will not run throughout the year, only when available instructors, building availability and/or five or more students. 

NO classes scheduled at this time (updated Jan/22)



COMPETITIVE OBEDIENCEOPEN & UTILITY – Classes may be offered if there is more interest than three handler/dog teams.   Must be Novice Trial Ready or obtained Novice Titles on current dog, OR previously trained dogs to Utility levels and are working multiple levels at one time.   Please inquire if interested to  

NO classes scheduled at this time (updated Jan/22)

Space will be limited and applications will be considered by instructor for registration.  Only those with plans in CKC Obedience Events will be considered.

Instructor for Open & Utility has trained multiple dogs to Obedience Trial Championships, Obedience Trial Champion Excellent to Master Obedience Trial Championships with multiple High In Trials in multiple dogs and also trialed to multiple Rally Master titles & Rally Advanced Excellent titles. 


In the case of inclement weather, class cancellations may be announced  on our Facebook page when time allows or contact your instructor.   Classes will be rescheduled.


The SKOC will serve its membership and the community at large by giving support, understanding, help and guidance in all their canine-related endeavors.