Upper Competitive Obed.

Date: Every Tuesday until February 12, 2019
Time: 7:45 pm  to  8:45 pm

There will be a six-week Introduction Class for Competitive Obedience at the Open & Utility levels.
SIX WEEKS $90 Tuesdays 7:45 to 8:45 Starting Tuesday, Jan 8th
Students must be trialing at or obtained CD or CDI, Open/CDI started or new to Utility. The class will be a progressive format starting with new-to upper-level competitive obedience. Proofing/Interactive class may be added in future for students getting ready to trial.
Six-week class will be $90. Maximum will be SIX students at this time. (Four spots left.)
Instructor will be Shelly Campbell. Shelly has had Competitive Obedience success in training and trialing. She has trained two of her tollers to Obedience Trial Champions, one to Obedience Trial Excellent title and one to a Master Obedience Trial Champion, as well as Rally Obedience experience and numerous field titles.
Please contact ribbon2sweet@gmail.com if you are interested or see if this class will be the right fit for you